Fishnet Light

Fishnet light use on the sea on the net high quality
Illuminator: Imported LED tube
Power supply: 2 PCS no. 1AA battery
Rated vol: 3V
Current: 35MA
Visual distance: 1000M
Working duration: 240H
Color of light: White, blue, green, red, yellow
Color of cover: White
Size: MM
Use scope: Used for working on sea and pool at night.



Diffuser:            Tempered Glass
Power:                3W
Base Material:  Aluminum
Usage:Room,    Decoration, Street, Garden, Tunnel, on The Sea Fishnet
Life:                    30000h
IP Rating:         IP65
Certification:   CE, RoHS
Power Source: DC
Electric Current Type:      DC
Input Voltage:          3V
LED Chips:              Philips Lumileds
Wick:                       LED
Cover:                     PP
Lenght:                   17.5cm
Export Markets:   Global